Have you ever wondered about the meaning of stacked rocks? 

Probably not, but when you stack rocks, you are creating order out of the chaos that exists in nature. Way Easy Marketing takes that same approach to marketing. When starting or running a business, marketing options and associated costs can be overwhelming, exhausting, and expensive.

Our mission is to make marketing easy — WAY easy. 

About us

We use AI  ACTUAL INTELLIGENCE — to design creative marketing campaigns and solutions that align with your business goals.

Way Easy Marketing’s value proposition is built on an intimate knowledge of your business and business goals, crafting creative and engaging marketing strategies designed to put you ahead of your competitors, identifying the solutions your business needs, and perhaps most importantly, identifying the solutions your business DOESN’T need.

A few of our clients

A new, innovative, EASY way of marketing

You’ve heard it from marketing companies before, “You need to be here, you need to be there, you need to be spending this much money on advertising, you need to send this many emails, you need to write this many blogs, and you need to post on as many social media accounts as possible.” 

Do you though? 

No. You don’t. 

What you need is marketing that meets your existing or prospective clients where they are, you need to relate to them in a way that builds relationships before they even know they need to do business with you, and ideally, all of this needs to happen organically and sustainably. 

Here are just a few of the services Way Easy Marketing provides.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Depending on where your business is, it may be time for a marketing plan. This plan will provide a foundation for future marketing decisions and answer questions like, “Is this marketing opportunity highest and best use of my marketing resources and budget?” 

campaign creation

Once we identify gaps between your current marketing efforts and what your audience needs from you, we switch gears to create marketing campaigns. Way Easy Marketing’s tried and true process involves client profiles, competitor analysis, and clever messaging that bridges the gaps.

content creation

Content should have two purposes: To build relationships with your future customers and to play nicely with search engines, specifically Google. Artificial intelligence might help with the latter, but not the former. Online currency is GETTING – and then KEEPING – your audience’s attention. We have 15 years of experience crafting compelling, optimized content.

social media 

The vast majority of our clients break out in hives when discussing social media. The topic can feel like an overwhelming and expensive puzzle for most. We take a very complex topic and break it down into digestible and actionable tasks, using a tried and true process that incorporates brand messaging, relationship-building content, and curating carefully selected content from reliable outlets.

years in marketing
published blogs
years in project management

Client Testimonials

A little feedback from our happy clients…

“Kat contracted with us for the express purpose of providing professional leadership to our fledgling marketing department. She arrived at a time of uncertainty and provided just the leadership that was needed. She proved to be an expert at writing compelling blog content, institutional social media posts that generated significant audience interest and proved to be a true professional in project management and content writing for our lifestyle magazine – LIVE Montana. Our fledgling marketing department evolved and this was, to a significant degree, the result of the leadership and selfless dedication provided by Kat. I heartedly recommend Kat to any company that has a need for a true professional and a fine person.”

Tom Burk, President

Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty

“Not only does Kat write well and on-brand but she does it with a cheekiness that engages the reader. Kat’s writing is on time and on budget and she works well with autonomy while bringing an organized sense of being to the project. Our organization has worked with Kat both on internal agency writing needs as well as client writing needs. She has the depth of a writer that is necessary to engage with different industry projects.”

Kelsea Schreiner, Managing Partner

Kinetic Marketing and Creative

“Kat took my unorganized and out of order thoughts via a phone call and a few emails and somehow understood what I wanted to get across. She repackaged and branded my project exactly as I visualized, but could not execute myself. Technically, she built a website for my project, but in reality her work brought my project to life.”

Alexis Waite, Realtor

Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty

I’m thrilled to acknowledge Kat for her CREATIVE GENIUS in creating the most OUTSTANDING WEBSITE I have ever had in my 45 years as a Realtor… What a blessing to have her work on this project and the comments from friends and prospective clients have been wonderful.

Jerry LaMott, Realtor

Compass Real Estate 

“Kat is a consummate professional in the art of grammar and writing. She has looked over and edited a few pieces for my non-profit and took my shoddy, content-less, emotionally written pieces and turned them into powerful messages that drew readers in with each sentence. Most importantly she interpreted my meaning/message and transposed it into beautifully written work. I highly recommend Kat to do your next marketing content job. She’s efficient, effective, and very fairly priced. Thanks for helping me get my non-profit off the ground!!!”

AJ MacVittie, Owner

Two Buddies Outdoor Conservation

“When I hired Kat to assist with my web copy, my website had stalled out for over a year. She quickly assessed what remained to be done, took notes from me on the information needed for the website, and composed those notes into web copy. She then engaged with the web developer, and in a matter of a couple of weeks (this included having professional images taken), my site was ready to be launched. I highly recommend Kat to businesses that need assistance with their web marketing and copy. She can take your knowledge and craft it into easily digestible content that is optimized for search engines. She is super-efficient, and very easy to work with.”

Dave Redkey, Owner

Redkey’s Refrigeration

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kat Hobza on several real estate marketing projects. She was not only kind and friendly but also a joy to work with. I was impressed by her keen attention to detail and her ability to help me define the process and break it down into manageable steps to complete my project. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Kat to anyone looking for a talented marketing content creator.”

Julie Brown, Realtor

Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty

“…Be greedy when others are fearful.”

This notorious Warren Buffet quote flies in the face of convention, which instinctively tells us to curl up in the fetal position when the market takes a downturn, inflation is up, and resources are limited. The wisdom in this saying underscores the proven method of maintaining and — ideally increasing — your marketing efforts during challenging times because your competition goes into hiding. It opens up even the most competitive landscapes, making your voice louder and more prominent. Additionally, when the pendulum swings in the opposite direction – and it always does – you’re in a position of power instead of having to rebuild your business.

Businesses that focus on marketing during difficult economic times are more successful than their competitors

“There is no doubt that businesses across the board are experiencing hard times. But big problems always create even bigger opportunities. No, that is not the eternal optimist in me speaking; it is the data scientist. The Advertising Specialty Institute has pulled together 100 years of indicators that all point to the same conclusion: During tough economic periods, a business’s best course of action is to double down on marketing and advertising.” Nathan Hall, Forbes

marketing = substantial growth through economic challenges

In 1927, Harvard Business Review uncovered that companies that maintained their investment in branding and marketing through the Great Depression came out 20% ahead of how they went into the recession. Forbes

marketing = bouncing back better

Companies that have bounced back most strongly from previous recessions usually did not cut their marketing spend, and in many cases actually increased it. Harvard Business Review

Less competition = more opportunity

When your competitors pull back on their marketing spend, but you don’t, your business obviously has a better chance of standing out and earning new business. Also, when customers see your brand is actively marketing, they may take it as a sign that your business is strong and growing despite the recession. That may give them more confidence to do business with you, and try your products or services if they haven’t before (even if they may cost more than what your competitors offer). It’s also worth keeping in mind that some of the world’s most successful companies were founded during a recession, including Microsoft, Slack, and WhatsApp. Invoca

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