Kat Hobza, the founder and Marketing Services Director of Way Easy Marketing, started in marketing 20 years ago when she published a women’s entertainment magazine. It wasn’t until she became a Web Marketing Specialist for an IT firm in 2016, and later a Marketing Director for a luxury brand, that she developed a deep appreciation for how painful marketing is for so many business owners and managers.

Kat started to see a pattern – her clients were overwhelmed, confused by all the options, discouraged by the return on investment, afraid to share what they didn’t know about marketing, frustrated by the cost, and generally viewed marketing as a necessary evil. Kat’s nurturing side kicked in – she felt awful that her clients struggled with marketing. There had to be an easier way. So Kat set out to build “Way Easy Marketing,” a suite of marketing services that meets her clients exactly where they are – no pressure, no “secret handshake” marketing jargon that alienates people who aren’t in marketing — all at an affordable cost.

That is the Way Easy way – Kat is part friend, marketing therapist, project manager, and marketing solutions engineer.

A few of our clients

The delicate marriage of art and science.

A simplified process

Through decades of professional content creation and content marketing, Kat mastered the “art” of marketing – writing stories, features, and copy that audiences found engaging and relatable. When Kat became a student of Marcus Sheridan’s “They Ask, You Answer,” which underscores the importance of building relationships through content, she perfected this art. 

As she became certified in several HubSpot disciplines and worked as a web professional for an IT company, Kat grew her proficiency in the “science” side of marketing – strategically taking the potential or existing customer through the buyer’s journey and measuring KPIs, analytics, and other data sources to determine ROI. 

Through this training and experience, Kat simplifies the art of creating marketing that builds relationships while accounting for performance.

LIVE Montana

As Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty’s Marketing Director, I served as project manager, editor, and primary content creator for this project.

This luxury brand needed to stand out from the competition with a lifestyle magazine that appealed to the luxury clientele without alienating local Montana buyers and sellers.

With this in mind, I created hyper-local content that uniquely profiled the Montana lifestyle that luxury buyers tend to look for, bridging the gap between locals and luxury clients.

As project manager, I was responsible for the production of the magazine (including cover concept and execution) while leading the design team, working with the printer, adhering to deadlines, and formulating a distribution strategy.

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