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Not sure what your business needs? WEM specializes in analyzing your business goals and telling you EXACTLY what marketing you need — and most importantly — what you DON’T need. We are ready to meet you exactly where you, your business, and your budget are.

A consultation with Kat is just that — a consultation. It’s not a thinly veiled method to sell you services that aren’t a fit for your business. If you become a client, great. If Kat just got to help you by sharing knowledge, that is great too.

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Marketing Plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” A marketing plan for your individual business creates a foundation for marketing options that are available to you. When presented with opportunities, you will have a formal document that will tell you without question if the opportunity is highest and best use of your marketing time and budget. Our marketing plans detail your business goals, client profiles, and competitor analysis which is vital when establishing what branches of marketing you should be — and should not be — implementing.

Branding Guide

In today’s online culture, getting people to notice and pay attention to your business is the new currency. Branding has become more important than ever – the colors, logos, fonts, voice, and messaging you use matter – A LOT. There is an impressive amount of research around the psychology of these things as well, that we know how to implement in a way that will best reach your intended audience. Brand guides are a crucial tool providing clarity about your business, services, and image.

Social Media

For many, developing a social media strategy seems about as pleasant as a root canal. We increasingly have a complicated relationship with social media, yet it remains a “necessary evil” for many brands. Unfortunately, many businesses have been told they must be everywhere, every second of every day, or they are doing it wrong. This is simply not true.

WEM has a proven process for determining where you should be, what your messaging should be, and how often you should be posting. Analyzing engagement is a crucial part of that process as it helps to determine if you are in the right place, sending the right message, on the correct timeline.

We get to the heart of your audience (or who you’d like it to be) and craft compelling strategies and campaigns that speak directly to your potential customers.

We can help drown out much of the noise associated with social media and formulate a plan that works for you and your budget.

Campaign Creation

What is your potential customer’s pain points, and how do you solve them better than your competitor? What new services do you have that you’d like to promote? Is there a misconception about your business or services that you’d like to address? This is the pinnacle of Way Easy Marketing’s creative services: Campaign Creation. Clever campaign messaging can answer these questions in a way your audience understands, engages with, and relates to. 

Our strategy follows a simple – or WAY easy, if you prefer – campaign-building process. First, we create a marketing plan. We need to know what we do, why we do it, who we do it for, what the competition is doing, our primary goals, and our budget. Now that we have formal documentation outlining these things, we can lean into the marketing plan as a catalyst for strategy and campaign work.

Web Presence

Your website is a multi-faceted and – at times – confusing marketing tool. It is often your first handshake with a potential client, it cements and validates your business and service performance, and it is a 24-hour-a-day employee providing valuable information to people worldwide.

In recent years, due to the sheer volume of websites that Google has to index, your website has become much more than that. It must create a desirable user experience, build relationships through carefully crafted content, employ information architecture, and play nicely with Google’s 200+ ranking factors.

WEM performs website audits, analysis – and if needed – can design and build a web presence that structures information correctly, hosts engaging, helpful content that builds relationships, provides an excellent user experience, and adheres to Google’s ranking mandates. And through tested processes, we do this in a headache-free way for our clients.

Content Marketing

Human connection should be at the core of everything we do (just ask Brene Brown!), and this is ESPECIALLY true in marketing and content marketing. The more digital we become, the more humans want to connect and be in relationship with one another. AI has its place, but building human connections and relationships with your customers or future customers can’t be achieved with machines.

Kat, the Marketing Services Director at Way Easy Marketing, has decades of experience crafting unique, engaging content that builds relationships and audiences for both national and international clients. Regardless of what your content strategy needs – emails, lead magnets (ebooks), social media posts, web copy (including landing/pillar pages), magazines, or magazine articles – Kat writes content that connects your services to the humans who need them.


Full transparency – of all the marketing options available to a business, both digital and analog – few are more effective than in-person events and tradeshows. However, a HUGE caveat goes with this – they are only as effective as the thought, strategy, project management, and execution that goes into them. These golden opportunities to meet and visit with your existing and potential customers in person can tarnish in a disastrous and embarrassing way if they are not carefully constructed and implemented. Let us help you plan, strategize, promote, and execute your next event to get as much ROI from your time and efforts as possible.

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