because a goal without a plan is just a wish…

You have amazing ideas and ambitious goals. Do you have a formal plan, campaign strategies, and an execution process to transform your ideas and goals into reality?

A few of our clients

About WEM’s Real Estate Marketing Services

If you are a brilliant real estate agent, but you find marketing to be overwhelming and — at times — frustrating, you are in the right place.

If there is one thing Way Easy Marketing’s Founder, Kat, has learned time and again, it’s that real estate agents are creative and talented people who love what they do, but – generally speaking – they abhor marketing. After all, spending time on their marketing doesn’t add to their commission checks. Or does it???

It absolutely does.

And here’s another fun fact – because marketing makes most real estate agents cringe and/or pull their hair out, there is SO much opportunity left on the table. This leaves fertile ground for you to stand out in a highly competitive landscape IF you partner with the right marketing specialist.

This is where Way Easy Marketing can help.

Client Testimonials

A little feedback from our happy agents…

“Kat contracted with us for the express purpose of providing professional leadership to our fledgling marketing department. She arrived at a time of uncertainty and provided just the leadership that was needed. She proved to be an expert at writing compelling blog content, institutional social media posts that generated significant audience interest and proved to be a true professional in project management and content writing for our lifestyle magazine – LIVE Montana. Our fledgling marketing department evolved and this was, to a significant degree, the result of the leadership and selfless dedication provided by Kat. I heartedly recommend Kat to any company that has a need for a true professional and a fine person.”

Tom Burk, President

Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty

“Kat took my unorganized and out of order thoughts via a phone call and a few emails and somehow understood what I wanted to get across. She repackaged and branded my project exactly as I visualized, but could not execute myself. Technically, she built a website for my project, but in reality her work brought my project to life.”

Alexis Waite, Realtor

Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty

I’m thrilled to acknowledge Kat for her CREATIVE GENIUS in creating the most OUTSTANDING WEBSITE I have ever had in my 45 years as a Realtor… What a blessing to have her work on this project and the comments from friends and prospective clients have been wonderful.

Jerry LaMott, Realtor

Compass Real Estate 

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kat Hobza on several real estate marketing projects. She was not only kind and friendly but also a joy to work with. I was impressed by her keen attention to detail and her ability to help me define the process and break it down into manageable steps to complete my project. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Kat to anyone looking for a talented marketing content creator.”

Julie Brown, Realtor

Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty

From visiting with dozens of real estate agents, Kat knows that…

…you probably HATE talking about yourself!

…no matter how many marketing seminars/webinars you sit through, the hustle of keeping your real estate business lucrative will always pull you away from marketing.

…you have brilliant ideas, but they are all floating around in your head or are scribbled on post-it notes everywhere because you don’t have a formal plan.

…you may have partnered with someone in the past who applied an (expensive) one-size-fits-all advertising approach to your business that netted little more than hundreds of clicks from fake accounts.

…you may have trusted someone with a 15-year-old marketing degree who doesn’t understand the importance of ongoing education that focuses on marketing best practices and trends.

About Way Easy Marketing and how Kat can help…

Way Easy Marketing’s Founder and Marketing Services Director, Kat, started an accidental career path in real estate marketing over 30 years ago as a leasing consultant in Minneapolis, MN. Since then, she’s been a Marketing Director and Sales Rep for a Smart Growth community, a property manager, a Marketing Director for a luxury real estate brand, and a Marketing Services Director for individual agents across several real estate brands. She studies marketing WEEKLY to stay on top of best practices and trends. If any of the above resonates with you, is it time to partner with a marketing services provider specializing in real estate?

Marketing strategies, specifically for real estate

You’ve heard it from marketing companies before, “You need to be here, you need to be there, you need to be spending this much money on advertising, you need to send this many emails, you need to write this many blogs, and you need to post on as many social media accounts as possible.” 

Do you though? 

No. You don’t. 

What you need is marketing that meets your existing or prospective clients where they are, you need to relate to them in a way that builds relationships before they even know they need to make a real estate move, and you need marketing engineered by someone with real estate marketing experience.

Here are just a few of the services Way Easy Marketing provides for real estate companies and agents.


“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Depending on where your business is, it may be time for a marketing plan. This plan will provide a foundation for future marketing decisions and answer questions like, “Is this marketing opportunity highest and best use of my marketing resources and budget?” 

campaign creation

Once we identify gaps between your current marketing efforts and what your audience needs from you, we switch gears to create marketing campaigns. Way Easy Marketing’s tried and true process involves client profiles, competitor analysis, and clever messaging that bridges the gaps.

content creation

Content should have two purposes: To build relationships with your future clients and to play nicely with search engines, specifically Google. Artificial intelligence might help with the latter, but not the former. Online currency is GETTING – and then KEEPING – your audience’s attention. We have 15 years of experience crafting compelling, optimized content.

social media 

The vast majority of our clients break out in hives when discussing social media. The topic can feel like an overwhelming and expensive puzzle for most. We take a very complex topic and break it down into digestible and actionable tasks, using a tried and true process that incorporates brand messaging, relationship-building content, and curating carefully selected content from reliable outlets.


“I HATE talking about myself.” This is what Kat typically hears from agents. FEAR NOT! Kat isn’t the least bit afraid to talk about you after she extrapolates key differentiating points about you, checks out your primary competitors, and finesses all that information into a biography that truly represents you and your business – all while making the competition weep with envy!


Certain properties require elevated content. Imagine telling your client that you have a dedicated real estate marketing firm that creates the most important marketing pieces for their listing. That is a powerful tool to bring to any listing presentation. Kat is experienced in crafting top-tier marketing assets for a variety of listings, including multi-million dollar properties. 

agent brochure

Kat has designed and templated a proprietary agent brochure with a Real Trends top-producing, luxury brand real estate agent. Now she can put that document to work for you and your business. Since an agent brochure is an introductory piece, it bears significant importance. If you don’t have an agent brochure, or yours needs to be updated, Kat would love to visit with you. Having a refined agent brochure – that adheres to information architecture and marketing best practices – gives you an advantage many agents don’t have.

dedicated website

If you are looking for a distinct way to stand out in the highly competitive landscape that is real estate, consider a dedicated website. Maybe you have outgrown the boilerplate landing page that your brokerage provided. Perhaps you are unsure if your existing dedicated website adheres to best SEO and information architecture practices. Maybe this is the year you want to grow your referral business, or maybe you have a luxury or legacy listing that deserves a robust web presence. Way Easy Marketing can create a web presence that gives you a competitive advantage. 

LIVE Montana

As Glacier Sotheby’s International Realty’s Marketing Director, Kat served as project manager, editor, and primary content creator for this project.

This luxury brand needed to stand out from the competition with a lifestyle magazine that appealed to the luxury clientele without alienating local Montana buyers and sellers.

With this in mind, Kat created hyper-local content that uniquely profiled the Montana lifestyle that luxury buyers tend to look for, bridging the gap between locals and luxury clients.

As project manager, Kat was responsible for the production and content creation of the magazine (including cover concept and execution) while leading the design team, working with the printer, adhering to deadlines, and formulating a distribution strategy.

Social Media Campaign

As Marketing Director for a luxury real estate brand, one of Kat’s ongoing challenges was bridging the gap between luxury buyers and local Montana buyers and sellers. In the brand magazine Kat created for this client, she did a soft launch of a campaign, “Luxury, Montana Style,” which talked about how Montanans define luxury a bit differently. Kat turned this print feature into a social media campaign that helped to spread the campaign message while promoting the magazine. This was a six-video campaign that Kat conceived, created the videos for, posted, and tracked metrics.

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